WEb for Functional

SAP Functional @ Web

SAP has always enhanced their technology to several platforms, Web is one of most. The several SAP functional modules are supporting to this platform for better visibility & flexibility. During Training program, you will have to undertake the knowledge advantage of better functionality which SAP coves for functional seekers.

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Web for Technicals

SAP Technical @ Web

After conclusion of the technical Training, you will be able to analyze the data using web tools, you can gain insights that support the making decision process within your company. SAP makes it possible to quickly create reports about business processes & their relevant results, which gives benefit to customers & suppliers.

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Web at Utilities

IS - Utilities @ Web

After completion of an extensive training methodology, you will have to undertake the knowledge of utilities life cycle, day to day hands on work within the company circle of device management, billing & contact account procedure. Also amend the knowledge benefit of implementation methodology.

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