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Metaphor education understands the critical role of mobile technology in current IT world. The proliferation of mobile devices marks a paradigmatic shift in the ways of Mobile Applications for Education. We are offering same technology to seekars.

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    Our goal is to jumpstart the process of brainstorming new and even better ways of using mobile devices with the advance technology of android, windows and Apps platform, as the technology-of-record for education.
Mobile Application

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  • Mobile phones are getting smarter and this call for a greater need for applications. Android devices have a large user base and are a platform that every one should utilize to interact with customers and make their life easier.

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  • Windows mobile applications are very user friendly application .The camera, address book, geolocation and other features can be seamlessly integrated to mobile app and flexible at multiple environment to life easier.

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  • Apps applications are quickly becoming the primary means by which companies engage their customers, partners, and employees. Native application (native app) are application programs that has been developed for customer flexibility.

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  • Over the years, we have been advancing to enter in a creation that revolves around mobile phones. The number of mobile apps being developed and more users readily adapting them, daily transactions over these platforms have skyrocketed.

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  • Native apps is the advance technology in current apps market. It provides the best usability, the best features and the best overall mobile experience. We are providing same technology training to partners, and Seekers.

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  • Tricon apps is the advance technology in current programing concept. It provides the best usability, the best features, and the best overall experience on mobile. We are providing same training to our partners, customers & seekers.

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