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Assuring the Customer Experience

What prompts you to select a restaurant for your special family celebration? After all, it’s not just the food. It’s the location, ambience, seating, and service – the overall dining experience.

In today’s times, when the customer is truly ’the king’, businesses need to go beyond mere customer satisfaction scores. They need to be delight customers with pleasant experiences. And that, by no means, is easy. They are the finely tuned in customer-centric processes. In this example, the restaurant assures customer experience with not just the quality of food. Instead, it centers its operations around the customer.

Successful businesses are the results of delighted customers. While customers may not necessarily be particular about how technologically innovative the business is, they definitely want to be re-assured that that the business cares for them.

Although user and customer experience appear similar, they’re fast developing as separate disciplines, but related and important factors for business success. For the consistency of user experience across various channels ensures improvised through customer experience. With intuitive interfaces and persuasive content, user can drive sales and improve productivity. For example, e-commerce sites with intuitive and consistent interfaces realize better visitor to customer conversion ratio, higher retention factor and increased return visits. Customer experience, on other hand, introduces efficiency across touch-points of customer lifecycle – product discovery, lead management, sale, usage, service and support. As assurance professionals, we need to keep these aspects in mind, and wear both – user and customer experience hats.

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Eye Cream Stories People Tell

I am the kind of person who almost never returns things. I have even been known to eat a dinner I did not order. I only say this as background information for the next story.

I recently decided to try a new line of skincare products. I invested more than I care to admit in the products and as a result, used all of them very sparingly. After a couple of weeks, the eye cream seemed to be empty. I went back to the reputable retailer to explained my concern and presented the product to them. Rather than usual experience I had grown to expect from this retailer.

I was met with the comment, “This bottle feels very light.” I was made to feel like I was bringing in something I had used for 12 years rather than two weeks. I was not given a new bottle and left feeling like a failed scam artist. My positive feelings about the retailer after more than 20 years of excellent customer service now tarnished by one negative experience. Unfair, for sure, but true none the less.

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Digital business Transformation

Digital Technology adoption is addressing three very critical challenges for business getting closer to end customer, getting products faster, more efficiently unlocking to the tacit knowledge from workforce.

It is not just the availability of digital technology, but the application of technologies at breakthrough price points, the democratization of information and knowledge to access which is driving a seismic wave through the industry.

Traditional modes of manufacturing have given way to ‘virtual factories’ and 3D way manufacturing. And Original Equipment Manufacturers are keeping a close tab for the end customer behavior to be prepared for next big shift of consumption pattern to alter their product mix.

It will be the capability to monetize the data available with the manufacturers, which will define the next set of competitive capabilities. For example there are close to a 100 million automobiles running globally, all generating data. And it’s expected that anywhere between 30 to 45 percent of the value of an automobile will constitute by electronic components , which will make it far more easier to capture data's. Using this information for dramatically bringing down the cost of warranty.

Improving the quality and completely eliminating the need for recall is big ROI from digital adoption. Monetizing the data from moving equipment plants or a machinery and equipment offers completely new revenue streams driven by the services. Here the ROI is driven by revenue gains, customer loyalty and portfolio diversification.

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