Metaphor Consulting envisages to flourish continuously in the days ahead through new investments in adjacent business areas and by expanding the current business. Through the way of organic and inorganic processes, it plans to expand its core area of functioning and create a place for itself in the global market as well. Metaphor has in the anvils plans to enter into another vertical, which would accelerate its growth, especially in India, through its several on-going projects.

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    Data Mining

    We have the expertise, technology and testing tools to derive actionable insights from mountains of data.

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    Global Delivery

    Global Delivery offers ‘global value and local experience’ to customers through a network of global centres.

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    Cloud Security

    Cloud security promises data speed, agility and scalability which will drive innovation and lower costs.

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    Testing Tools

    We have several testing tools and technique used for data sanitation and project stabilization.

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We at Metaphor believe that whenever we feel a sense of achievement, this is the time to scrutinise how we could do it better.