IT - Consulting

In today’s competitive world, Information Technology’s role is undergoing a paradigm shift. Business Technology (as IT is being referred to now a these days) is being actively employed to enable top-line growth, reduce operating cost, increase customer focus to achieve much needed sustainable competitive advantage. We help you to achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by enterprise Logic places consultants that are skilled professionals increasing value to businesses in these times of explosive technological change. They contribute directly to the clients' growth and success, and are utilized according to client-specific criteria.

We are providing online services for service that identifies system performance issues, ascertain root causes and prescribes remedial actions.

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Enterprise Architecture

Service to help organizations to review their existing Enterprise Architecture(EA), define new EA and deploy new architecture with advance technology.


Service Management

Service to develop and implement to help organizations govern and manage priorities, people and processes and run IT functions like a business division.


System Performance

Service that identifies system performance issues, ascertains root causes, environmental risks, data loses and prescribes remedial actions.


Analysis & Data Capture

Metaphor Actionable Intelligence platform enables the wide range of analytical engines for analytics, including classification, correlation, anomaly detection, extraction, behavioral analysis & predictive analytics.

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Data Visualization

We facilitate the presentation of crucial insights from the data to decision maker and provision of workflow system, collaboration and case management capabilities so they can act appropriately visualize the data.

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Data Processing

The data processing stage is particularly important in applications that require data capture and fusion from multiple sources, different systems and numerous environments.

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Technology Consulting Services

Our IT - services benefited to clients.

In today’s competitive environment, organizations have become increasingly reliant on employing the latest technologies to increase organizational efficiency, productivity of a data Island and creating an integrated system for organization. Our years of expertise in proving technology consulting to our client to help them in making decision on right kind of software solutions into the business or organization in order to streamline processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs.