Timeline page

  • Education, Training & Adult Literacy Metaphor Consulting provides professional career counseling to students so as to facilitate their professional progress. The Organization has also provides Adult Literacy and Women Education training. In addition, financial assistance is also provided for quality education and training.

  • Health Care The Organisation conducts various health care camps and NGO partnered programs for AIDS prevention, Population stabilization, Mother & Child care, Eye care and many more. As well as various health outreach and on-going welfare programmes, conducted in rural areas.

  • Sports In an effort to promote the cause of sports significant spends have been made for infrastructural development such as cricket stadiums & playing grounds at interior locations. Cycle and motor bike Sports talent has been nurtured in the country and prodigies program f country proud.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility As a company with a history spanning over a century, have understanding the societies needs and values and commitment required to bring about change and the improvement. As an organization, we take our role in the society and throughout our history have endeavored to build better world to live.

  • Ethical, Cultural & Religious Values Metaphor Consulting organization is dedicated to improving, the quality of life of the people and is devoted to promoting ethical, cultural & religious values. It strives to inculcate values including integrity, honesty, fairness, and trust.

  • Environment The organization with a commitment towards a greener tomorrow has always connected itself closely with the environment. Environment protection and its conservation of natural resources has always been the prime concern. These efforts have been recognized by various awards .