Material Management

After training course completion, you will be able to Keep track of movements of the goods in the system and execute relevant functions.

Quality Management

After completion of training it helps you to strategic, operational planning and making business decisions with accurate data & reporting.

Production Planning

PP module provides flexibility to synchronize the production process to data base mapping for various industry sectors.

Finance & Accounting

Financial analysis with debit and credit activities for profit & losses are maintained in data base system through it.

Advance Business Application

Use application programming language and Workbench tools to develop business applications or to customize standard.

High-Performance Analytic

Hana is one of the most popular data base mechanism for data base transparency, synchronizes, flexibility and cloud activities.

Sales & Distribution

After completion of SD training, you will be able to manipulate various tool functions & make custom settings like price and billing.

Human Resource

HR training course gives you clarity on, understanding Payroll, execute payroll runs, configure gross payroll & organizational management.

Plant Maintenance

After completion of Plant Maintenance course you will learn, Structure of object and asset structures in the Asset Management.